Three reasons consignment is cool

Reasons to shop or sell clothing through consignment are aplenty — from the thrill of hunting for treasures to combating hoarder tendencies — but these are our top three arguments for why consignment is so cool.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Studies show that the apparel and footwear industries are responsible for producing 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Let that sink in a minute. Consignment decreases demand for new apparel which reduces the need for the fashion industry to crank out products.

Until there’s an effective and efficient way to recycle apparel (shredding and chemicals aren’t currently cutting it), consignment offers an eco-friendly alternative to landfills and incinerators ­— where nearly three-fifths of all clothes end up within a few years of being produced.

Money in your pocket

Shopping consignment gives you all the feels of finding a new, fabulous piece without the guilt of paying full price. What’s better than finding coveted brands at a third of retail? A shocking Bachelorette finale? Maybe. Getting your email notifications to zero? Never.

Of course, selling once-loved items through consignment is a great way to keep some jingle in your pocket. Plus, by consigning with a boutique you don’t have to deal with the hassle of selling online (which includes, but not limited to: pricing items, providing measurements to would-be buyers and the circle of hell that is trying to find appropriate shipping materials).  Bonus: consigners typically get a discount on in-store items.

Shop small

Let’s hear it for small businesses! Besides opposing corporate greed, locally-owned businesses offer stellar customer service, create jobs and keep money in your community (because taxes). Most small businesses have online stores so you don’t always have to make it before closing time. Not to mention the good vibes that come from supporting someone you know in your neighborhood.